Arkanoid vs Space Invaders App Reviews

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Fantastic - I keep bugging my wife to download

It’s so good that I actually took the time to write a review....that that never happens. Great game. Only a level or two that’s almost 100% luck to complete making it difficult in spots, but then the game shifts back to skill. Tons of play styles due to the character power up options. I deleted my 100% game just to start it all over again!

Great gameplay

Great game without IAP how all games should be !!

An (unusual) crossover done right!

AvSI is a really good (and unlikely) crossover between two different video games. It controls well, plays well, and has a lot of stages. The addition of having a (completely unrelated) character as a sidekick gives the game a lot of extra charm to it, but will expect you to use different characters and their abilities to get past the tougher stages. (In my case, I was able to get through a lot of stages using Bub until getting stuck at stage 94) Strangely enough, the game has a lot of story in it. The most notable thing I found out was that the version I’m reviewing (the US version) is significantly different from other versions, such as the Japanese version. What I found out is that the Japan version unlocks characters at random and can be leveled up. This was all removed or changed in the US version, probably to support a more casual audience. Any cons? The price tag. The game probably had a high price tag probably because the game uses a lot of content from Taito (Space Invaders, Arkanoid, Bubble Bobble, etc.) Do I recommend the game? Yes. It’s an awkward crossover done right. It has a lot of stages to go through, making me want to go back and play some more.

Great game

Love it

Respects you as a gamer and consumer

Arkanoid was fun, but never really got me hooked as a kid, and Space Invaders was about the same, but together, they’re far greater than the sum of their parts. Further, in a world of throw-away freemium garbage with loot box gambling and predatory IAP, Arkanoid vs Space Invaders plays it straight and honest. You get 150 stages and lots of unlockable characters. I’m on stage 61 currently, and I know whenever you beat 15 stages, you unlock hard mode versions of those stages. You could argue that this makes 300 stages worth of content. Aside from one additional download on opening the game for the first time, it requires no online capability after that. It’s an old fashioned, fun, fair app that deserves support so that Taito and SE know what we want.

Good concept

Great idea to combine the two. Wish they would of thought of it sooner!

Great crossover, I rarely buy games but I’m glad I made an exception.

Great crossover. There is no energy holding you back. I hate games that have a good concept but hide it behind a pointless paywall of only having 5 attacks every 3 hours or something dumb. There is none of that here. You could set down and beat the whole thing a once if you want, but it would take a while even if you’re good. Good replay value. Once you beat a level normally, it unlocks that levels Hard Mode, which reduces time to complete the goal. Money seems to be a bit easy to earn, so far the characters (which there are 40 of I think) have all cost 1500 coins, which is sort of easy to get. I’m fine with that but I also like a bit of difficulty, and I haven’t run into any money problems at all so far. I should mention I’m only about halfway through the game while I’m writing this review. My only complaint so far is the limited options for spending coins. Every character is 1500, and you unlock 3 new characters ever 15 levels. Also you can buy any of 4 available boosts to help in a level, they cost between 1 and 2k coins each. I wish there was some sort of cosmetics available like once you beat an area you could trade with that area and buy skins for your ship or HUD skins that were themed after that area or something. Idk I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff. Overall excellent game so far, I’ve put about 3 hours into it and I’m half way through NORMAL levels, there are still all the levels to beat on hard mode after this which I do plan on doing. Oh yea I forgot about the ‘multiplayer’ aspect. Basically you get an endless supply of minions for 60 seconds and you score as many points as you can and get placed on the game center leaderboards. It’s ok, I suppose it will give me something to do after I beat the game, but that will be a while since I only play for 20-30 mins at a time.


Super fun and addictive

Doesn’t work anymore, not recommended!!

Used to work, but stopped working once iOS was updated for the year. Don’t support these type of developers. Highly NOT recommended.


Engaging, quick paced game. I recommend it!

Retro game reimagined

I biught this game in sale 99cents and was totally surprised how fun this game was. High replayability.

Fun game that improves on the old formulas!

You can spend in game coins on boosts if you're in a rut, but you can get through the levels with persistence. Achievements aren't half bad

Fitting game mashup

Arkanoid and Space Invaders have almost nothing in common except for the fact that both games take place in an outer space environment— the fact that both take place in outer space makes Arkanoid vs Space Invaders a rather fitting game mashup— those of you who’ve seen YouTube channel Classic Game Room will be the ones who’ll know what I’m talking about— if you’ve seen Classic Game Room’s review of Super Breakout for the Atari 2600 and wondered why the picture on the cartridge of Super Breakout features two astronauts floating together with layers of rainbow colored blocks and one is trying to keep a flying ball in their range and holding onto a simple line paddle? Well the reason for that is because Super Breakout is actually a simplified port of Arkanoid and the idea behind the space themed art on the cartridge is that the game takes place in outer space.

It's ok

I enjoy the game. I just wish it included the original arkanoid and space invaders.

Love the mix

Great mix of two arcade classics. I hope more updated classics come out soon.

Cool game

I'm really enjoying this game. Cool twist on the original.


Great mix of games. Arkanoid and space invaders. Sound effects bring back good memories. I can't stop playing.


Do you ever get the feeling you got this game just for certain Taito game characters? To be honest it is a good game all and all.

Fast paced fun

Best game I've played in a while for passing the time. Plus it's pay and play so no having to shell out more money for stupid powerups.

Well done


Fun blend of games!

A lot of game for little money. Don't have to pay to win!

Most Awesomeness Ever!

Although extremely frustrating a lot of times, I grew up with Space Invaders and I think this game absolutely contagious and full of exciting awesomeness!

Great Game

Practically perfect. Thanks for making a great game with nothing extra to buy. This game is just super fun.


Surprisingly good

Great arcade style app.

Lots of throwback fun. Each map is unique and has a good difficulty.


This is an amazing game. By adding a time limit, this game takes the classic arkanoid formula and makes it more exciting and more strategic. The worst part of arkanoid games is trying to hit the final block, but this game has almost none of that frustration. I finally beat hard mode, and there is an actual different hard mode ending. It's like the team took everything I hate about mobile gaming (ads, iap, grind, lack of an ending) and did the opposite. Great job. Also, ignore that guy complaining about too much storyline. There is a skip button, and I appreciated the storyline despite it being simple and a little goofy.

Perfect fusion of two classics

Its Arkanoid. Its Space Invaders. It is a lot of fun with a steady ramping of difficulty as you move forward. Well worth the five bucks.

Out of time

As a long time fan of Arkanoid, and a gamer with an appreciation for Space Invaders, this game grabbed my attention as soon as I saw it. And while I enjoy playing it and do recommend it, there are many things I would rather have seen executed differently. First, I'm not a big fan of arbitrary time-limit based gameplay. Because they don't have time limits, both the original Arkanoid and Space Invaders (and most of their successors) can be enjoyed casually as well as obsessively. Not this game. Each level demands your rapt attention and careful precision, or else you are guaranteed to fail. I'm only about one-third of the way through the game on Normal mode, and some levels are already clearly set up in a manner requiring the player to reach the maximum allowable number of attack modes within the short time limit in order to even have a chance at victory. Which brings me to my next point: The game offers boosts as well as special abilities during attack mode, which cost in-game currency to buy. To be clear, this game has NO MICROTRANSACTIONS after the initial purchase. The problem is, the boosts and abilities are still very "expensive." It feels like this game was initially developed as a free-to-play title, then someone made the decision to sell it as a regular game instead, but then nothing was rebalanced to account for the player's inability to pay to win. Instead, your options are to grind for the coins you desperately need, or simply play well enough to render boosts unnecessary. So far I've chosen the latter because I really don't like to grind. Fortunately, 65 levels in, I have yet to encounter any levels that are impossible without boosts. While I'm on that subject, none of the boosts or abilities feel very useful at combating the most difficult aspect of the game: getting the ball where you need it to go in the short window of time you get with it. The initial bow-and-arrow style aiming is a nice touch, but levels quickly get away from the open type of design where it can really help. This is especially true at the point in the game I'm at, and that means even if I could afford to use the boosts, I don't think they'd really help much. But despite all this, Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders remains a creative mash-up of two great classics. And so I ultimately do recommend it so long as the player understands the limitations of the format.


Playing this game is great. Arkanoid is one of my all time favorites and this game just feels good. 😍

Brilliant combo!

I can't believe this even exists, let alone how well this mash up works. If you like the original versions of either of these games, you absolutely need to give this a try. It's exactly as awesome as it sounds.


Great Mix of 2 Classics! Just difficult enough. Really hard to put down!


Game has a ton of content and is a great mash up of two old school faves if you're old enough to remember them in arcades. If not, it's modern enough to not seem too retro. challenging enough to not be frustrating. Fun unexpected surprise.

Surprisingly Engaging!

Great game and well worth the price! As more mechanics are added there's a surprising amount of depth to be found.

Forced review

I subtracted two stars because it forced me to leave the game to write this review. Subtracted another because it doesn't save progress across devices.

Great game for the price

Tremendous mash-up of two great games

Fantastic game.

As a die-hard Taito nerd (CAMELTRY 2 WHEN? CLEOPATRA FORTUNE 2 WHEEENN??), I absolutely love this game, and all its little throwbacks. Definitely worth your $4, there's so much content. Get it. Get it now.

A few gripes, but a great game

As has been mentioned, there's an additional download to do after installation. This means that if the game is ever taken down from the App Store, you won't be able to play it again if you erase your device or get a new phone. Also, the game stopped and took me here to do a forced review. Luckily for them I'm really enjoying the game. I even play it at home, which doesn't happen often. The first world is a little too easy. However, after you complete a world, it unlocks the hard mode. I haven't played too many levels on hard (I want to finish the easy mode first), but they do become challenging. You get penalized for missing bullets (time is taken away) and some of the drop downs take away some of your abilities if you can't avoid them. At first, I thought that you could only upgrade your ship with temporary items. I hate that. But it turns out that you can earn helpers that stay with you. Only one can be used at a time, which is fine by me. Keeps it simple. This could just be me, but I find myself looking at the bottom of the screen 90% of the time, trying to defect bullets as best as I can. As the baddies thin out a little, I can focus more on the whole board, and actually try to direct my shots. It's kind of a "button mashing" scenario for me (albeit without actually mashing buttons), in that I'm deflecting bullets without really knowing where they're going. Anyway, I highly recommend this game. It's "retro" done right.

Great title

I love this game.

Excellent mashup

Great fusion of two classics, balanced gameplay, and no micro transactions to Nicole and dime you

It's like 1989 and 2009 all over again

If you yearn for the distant past of 2009, when mobile games weren't shallow Trojan horses for predatory micro transactions, then Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders was made just for you. If you have any fondness for either Arkanoid or Space Invaders, then you will not be disappointed. A solid arcade style game that can be played in bite-sized stages when you have a couple minutes to fill, or for hours on end.

You won't be "anoid" by this game!

Great revamp of the original F2P version, having a lot of fun and hard mode is an awesome challenge.

Good not great

Biggest issue with the game is the timed levels. Would have rather you got star ratings based on how fast you cleared them, as opposed to hard road blocks that halt progression.


just heaven!

Too much exposition

I was hoping for A game I could play quickly, but after 30 screens of background exposition of the story I still wasn't actually playing. And I think I missed some instructions because I was just clicking through the screens so I could just play this silly game. Requires too much devotion

I'm Addicted 😩😩

This game combines two great classics and makes it a brand new experience. It is so fun and I have experiences no issues on the iPhone 6s.

A deep puzzle game that requires reflexes and thinking.

So just what do you get when you combine Arkanoid and Space Invaders? A puzzle game where you can't die but you must race against the clock. Not even a fifth of the way through the game, the challenge ramps up and you must clear out cleverly positioned enemies behind seemingly impregnable barriers under tight time limits. The only weapons at your disposal are the power to make banking shots, and a selection of special skills that you must swap in and out to fit the situation. A handful of powerups can be bought with in-game currency as a last resort, but there is absolutely no way to pay to win. All this plus a soundtrack by veteran Taito composers makes for the only mobile game this year so far to grab my attention - and keep it.

Amazing little gem!

Super surprised by this game. Great music and graphics, and even robust control options!

Retrogame mashup

My new addiction! Pretty amazing game play. No in game purchases required which is a plus. Just have to grind through the levels to get required skills. It's like e-crack lol

Well done retro!

Really polished. The first map is much too easy, but it is more tutorial anyway. Then it starts getting challenging from there with upgrades becoming available. No ads, no free to play scams. Pay once, play forever. The soundtrack alone is worth the price. Make sure to play this with headphones or over a good Bluetooth speaker to do the soundtrack justice.

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